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FCYFL Letter to Elected Officials

On behalf of the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL, which represents 15 member clubs from all corners of Fairfax County as well as additional clubs in Arlington and Loudoun and Prince William Counties),  I am writing to strongly urge public officials to ensure the opening of athletic fields for the fall sports season.

After months and months of quarantine and inactivity and with little to no structure to guide them, the youth of our county need organized activities.  They need to be active, and more than ever, they need organization, discipline and physical fitness.  Regardless of what decisions school officials make about how schools will reopen in the fall, we respectfully urge that fields be opened for permitted fall sports. Strong early registration results are showing that parents and kids are clamoring to get back to sports.

As a League, we are prepared to follow CDC and state health guidelines to ensure public health as the health and safety of the youth who participate in our League and their families is paramount.  We also pledge to work closely with public school officials, local officials and other sports to determine the most effective and safest ways youth can return to sports.

However, a lost season would be disastrous, further committing our county’s boys and girls to even greater lengths of inactivity and loss of structure, which it must be recognized also have great costs.

Our clubs and their volunteers have consistently demonstrated over the years that they are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that our community’s boys and girls have a place to play.  As you may recall, during the sniper lock-down in 2002 when all outdoor activities were prohibited, FCYFL with the generosity of the U.S. Army and Fort Belvoir prepared the base’s parade grounds into a dozen fields so the League could continue. 

We remain prepared to go to extraordinary lengths today, and respectfully urge Fairfax County to open school and community fields for fall sports.

Thank you for your consideration.

Carlos Osteguin
Chairman, FCYFL